Monday, October 10, 2011

Imagine All the Writing

"...without imagination of change you can't have change.  It's the imagination that comes first." -- Gloria Steinem

So they suspended my AdSense account because of "invalid clicks" or something.  Basically, they are on to me and my friends and they don't like us because we're parasites.  And they like the advertisers better because they're paid to do so.

So no more ads on my blog.  The experiment is over.  I will not make any money from my blogging.  At least not this way that seemed so easy and possible for a little bit.

So now what?

Now the real shit starts.

Back to writing for writing's sake.  Back to getting it all down on the paper because it has to come out, not because it has to satiate and entice readers.  Back to the content being what I am not what I wish I could be.  Or not what I wish I could be-- more like trying to be something I'm not to make people like me.

Genuine draft.  That's what this is.  Find the ingenuity.  Genius is in you.  Let it out.

The Gloria Steinem quote above is from a movie I watched last night, "One Bright Shining Moment," a documentary chronicling the George McGovern candidacy for president.  I enjoyed it.  Maybe you would too.  You can stream it on Netflix like I did.  It's haunting to retrace those steps in our history, but inspiring too. 

Another quote, this time from Albert Einstein: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."  That is festooned to the wall above the "blackboard" in the room where my NAMI Peer to Peer course is being held every Wednesday afternoon.  Two weeks in and so far so good.  There are some neat people in class, and every week there are snacks.  How great is that?  Free information and they feed you, too.

So I guess we'll see what happens.  Still gonna do Journal Jar 'til it's empty, aiming to have it done by end of the year.  So I hope you have fun reading along, trying on this life with me.

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