Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting More Gas

We flew into Chicago O'Hare on Thursday and drove into Madison, Wisconsin on Friday.  There we met up with friends from long ago and not so long ago-- long time friends.  We went to a store called Brennan's and

  sampled fine cheeses, breads, wines and beers.  It was superb.  The staff were very kind and accommodating.  We were perplexed a bit, however, with the Rastafarian apple.  If there's someone out there who could explain it to me, it would be appreciated greatly.

We then had a meal at R.P. Adler's.  I had the fish fry special and a couple Hopalicious beers.  Good stuff.  Wisconsin loves the fish fry-- so many places along the drive there that advertised a "Fri. Fish Fry." 

But the main source of nutrition was not through the food.  It was the people.  Ah, those Grinnellians.  We had late night discussions about all kinds of things, where we fermented and distilled great ideas concocted from the diverse experiences we've had.  At one point, after a lengthy discussion about education and the best ways of preserving and supplementing our schools, it was offered that perhaps we should move to a lighter, less strenuous topic.  So, our friend Amy offered a new topic of debate-- thoughts on the ethics that characterize arguments against the death penalty and abortion. 

And how are you today?  What would you like to talk about?  I mean, just to rest our wittle minds a bit?