Friday, October 21, 2011

Can You Say "Geeyaw?"

The Journal Jar strikes again...

Between the ages of 5 and 10, what was your favorite activity?

Now that's some throwback cred.
Hmm.  It's kind of difficult to remember that far back anymore.  But I know I liked riding my bike.  It was a red K-mart special with a white banana seat.  I rode the hell out of it.  It took me to different neighborhoods, dirt paths in vacant lots, all kinds of places.  I jumped that bike off a lot of ramps and it held together pretty good.  I finally ended up transitioning it into a BMX bike, dismantling and rebuilding it myself as I was able to afford parts.  But that was much later.  I wasn't working with tools much when I was ten, much less five.

I remember that I liked to watch Sesame Street and the Electric Company.  As well as Bugs Bunny cartoons.  I liked playing with Hot Wheels, and collected a decent collection that I just gave to my nephew last Christmas.  It was kind of hard saying goodbye to them all...

We used to live on Blossom Hill Road, a four-lane street with lots of traffic.  Our front yard had a slope to it, so it acted as a starting ramp for me, giving me some momentum so I didn't have to pedal too hard.  I could ride around the block to visit my best friend Greg and play in front of his house, because there wasn't nearly as much traffic there on the residential street.

There was one time that Greg's dad, who played football in college (I think), was punting the football straight into the air in the street in front of their house.  Each time he tried to kick it a little harder, and each time it seemed to reach farther into the sky.  Greg muttered, "Geeyaw!" when his dad kicked it super high into the sky.  Then his dad kicked it even harder, and I screeched, "GEEYAW!" as I imagined the football dancing amongst the clouds.  They both stopped and looked at me like I was strange.  I guess I was.

Still am.


Gerri said...

That was a GREAT bike...I liked riding it, too!

(t)om said...

New bumper sticker? "Keep Michael strange."