Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick-- September's almost over!!

Here are some words for my friends.

Y'all are great. Y'all rock. Rock, paper, AND scissors.

We've been getting a lot of help lately from friends and family, and I just want to say thanks.

Well, I want to say more. Hence the continued typing.

I want to thank Steve, brother-in-law, gardener extraordinaire. Helped me to dig up a dead lawn, pickax swing after pickax swing. And then, since that wasn't enough, he trimmed a major rosebush into submission. Thanks, bro. You're our favorite.

Other family has pitched in to clean and organize and help stage our house for potential sale. We're getting out of Dodge. Moving into Chevy.

We've decided to make a change and try to get our finances in order. Selling our house will do great work towards that goal, but won't solve all our problems. It won't mean I can quit my job any time soon.

Dang it.

But it will put us on a track towards paying down our debts and starting a savings strategy. And this downsizing may allow us to eventually get away from our jobs sooner.

But I mustn't get too far out ahead of the horse in this here cart... I just need to get a few words down so that I officially blogged this month. And then I need to consider going to bed. Because there's work, again, next morning. And I must go.

So I must go.