Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goals Work to Make Dreams Reality

I'm setting a goal to finish the Journal Jar prompts that I have by the end of this year.  Not gonna count how many are in there, just gonna go for it.  Wish me luck.

First towards this end:

What are your goals and dreams?

Well, didn't I just talk about that?  Eerie, no?

I have dreams of getting published as a writer, or being "discovered" for what I've already been doing and landing some sort of deal where I just keep doing what comes natural for me and I get taken care of...  Y'know, sometimes called "pipe dreams", evidently because you're sucking on some sort of pipe while you're thinking about them?  Something like that.  I dream of working with my community to find solutions to our common problems.  I see opportunities to make things happen, but I think about it too much instead of acting on it.  I want to perfect things before I act.  This is a problem for me.

But I find ways around it.  And I keep going.  Forward, onward, march.  Other months too. 

I dream a lot about "figuring it all out" and making sense of every little thing I can think of.  This is a fantastic feeling when I can do it, but I can never seem to transfer it to my waking mind and conscious life.  The beauty of course is that I do experience it, and that it exists, if only in my subconscious.  But it does happen, it does exist.  It is real and I feel it totally, and it is invigorating.  Inspiring.  Intoxicating.

I dream of solving the problems of the world somehow, by dreaming solutions and applying them.  I feel that I can fabricate thought patterns that will manipulate and shape the space-time continuum.  No, really.  My thoughts (and yours too, for that matter) are powerful forces of nature that go unmeasured most of the time.  But I'm giving birth to the universe with every thought I have.  Every thought is a Big Bang.  And I am so much more than just my thoughts.  This is really big stuff.

I just turned my hat around backwards so the "bill" is pointed out over my neck and back.  This could signify a change in direction or thought, but we'll just have to see about that.  Won't we.  I'm noticing that it has changed my vision-- more light is shining into my eyes now.  I don't have a protective shadow at my forehead any longer.  What else shall this bring?

I dream of peace.  I really think it's possible, in the moment.  We can do it.  We just have to want it above all else.  We must love our way.  I dream of love for all.  May you have love.  May you not go lonely.  I love you.  I will at least try.

Gotta go and call my mom now.  Peace and love be with you.


Gerri said...

And peace and love be with you, too!

I think finishing the journal jar is a great goal...good luck with it. When you finish those prompts, I have more for you.

(t)om said...

Good luck!