Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take Me Out With the Crowd

Tell about anniversaries, celebrations, trips, and gifts that you remember.

I already blogged about some of the gifts (Christmas ones) that are most memorable back in the day (read it here) so I will skip over that one.

I wanna talk about trips I remember.  And not just the ones on LSD.

My wife and I have traveled to Greece, Ireland, London, Paris, Wales... the Bahamas...  We've traveled around the country pretty well too, seeing more than thirty out of the 50 states, and 18 Major League ballparks. 

Here we are at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA, back when I was quite a bit thinner than I am currently.  A bit younger, too.  We flew in and got to check out the ballpark through the restaurant that was built into the ballpark-- I think it was a TGI Friday's or a Chili's.  Watched the crowd go wild as Rob Nenn blew a save and the Pirates won late going away.  Not a good omen.  But the Giants won the next day when we actually went inside the ballpark.  Beautiful place.  Really liked how they close down the Roberto Clemente bridge to automobile traffic so that the fans can walk from the city across the river to the stadium.  And the views of the city skyline from the stadium are astounding.  One of my favorites that I've seen firsthand.  Don't know if there's something better or not 'cuz I haven't seen them all yet.  Someday, we hope to see them all.

We've been to Seattle, both Chicago ballparks, Fenway, both old New York stadiums, Coors Field, Atlanta, Florida Marlins, St. Louis' old Busch stadium, the Twin's old Metrodome, Baltimore, Pittsburg, and lots of Giants games at both Candelstick and Pac Bell.  We've seen A's games a plenty as well, and not just when they play the Giants.  But we primarily follow the G-men.  We saw them play in Milwaukee a few years back.  That's a pretty cool ballpark, too.  And then of course we've been to Angels games and Dodger games.

Still have yet to go to Petco or Arizona, relatively close trips.  Might be one of our next jaunts (cost effective is key right now, especially since I'm not making any money writing...)

We've had a few trips to Chicago, both together and separate.  I went there while I was going to college in Iowa a couple times as it was a fairly short trip (about 6 hours drive).  But we really enjoyed our time there.  Wrigley is fun and a huge party because of the surrounding pubs and restaurants that get into the games.  Wouldn't mind going to more games there, although I remember the beer selection as being kinda sub par.  Not to mention the bathrooms are a horribly long endeavor.

But we love Chicago.  We have to get back to New York because both teams have built new stadiums.  But we also wanna get to Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and all the others.  Just need time and money.  So if you have some to spare, we're a good cause.  And we're nice people.  Just sayin'.

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Suzy said...

Good trips. It was an Outback that overlooked the ballpark.