Friday, August 31, 2007

Suddenly Last Summer

We've reached the final day in August. Kids are back in school. Not all, but most. And this is only my second offering for the month of August.

Seems like I've lived 12 hour days, with four day weeks. Where'd August go?

Tonight is the final installation of our Summer Back Yard Movie Festival. At least, the final listed showing from the original schedule. It's Jodie Foster's directorial debut: Little Man Tate. There's been some talk about more shows, depending on weather and interest... so we'll just have to see, eh?

We're in the waning moments of a bit of a heat wave, so the weather should be perfect once the sun goes down for outdoor activities.

Honestly, I've so much material to work with, it's obnoxious... it's just the time that's in short supply. But I'm looking forward to this 3 day weekend, hoping it will accommodate me and my material and allow some quality writing time. Look for LARGE word count.


Well, that's the hope.

Pray with me. Or for me. Or toss a coin in a fountain. Whatever-- collectively, we can make this happen.

I shall continue my attempts, creating in the direction of perfection. Hear my pledge.

And hold me accountable.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hiatus No Mortem

Just a "quickie" to let the throngs know that I am still breathing, and still able to type. Been away on vacation, and still adjusting to the time change... but hope to get back on the writing horse shortly.

Vacation was great and will provide subject matter for new posts. Always good to catch up with "long-lost" family.

Short and sweet. Tonight's feature presentation at the Summer Backyard Movie Festival: Star Wars (A New Hope). Looks to be a good crowd, so I gotta get things set up. Hence the "tersity" of this entry.

But at least I used a term I've never used before. May have even just created it.

It's good to be a Creator.