Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gunman Opens Fire During Company Safety Meeting

Not a joke.  Just received a call from our city's Communications Department that the police are still looking for the suspect in a shooting earlier this morning. Two are dead, six more are wounded, and the suspect is still at large.  Full story here.

It seems that this individual was a disgruntled employee of Lehigh Cement.  We've done volunteer work with Lehigh for Relay that last couple of years.  My wife knows people who work there.  But she didn't know that her coworker had family that worked there.  Now she does.  Because her coworker's brother was one of the victims killed this morning.

She called me to advise me that I probably didn't want to go out to the doctor's like I was planning because of the police action in that area of town.  That's when she advised me that her coworker's brothers were both victims in the shootings.  One was already pronounced dead.  The suspect was still at large and had apparently shot a woman in the leg while attempting to carjack her vehicle in the area of Sunnyvale/Cupertino/Santa Clara where my Adult Psychiatry office is located.

My mom and I decided to go out there anyway, and we were able to get in and do what I had to do (turn in a request for medical records) before they basically secured the building behind us and went into lockdown mode.  The whole time we were there helicopters hovered in the sky, and police vehicles barricaded the roadways just a block from where we had to go.  So we got our business taken care of, but the incident is still unresolved.  Suspect is still at large as of this time...

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