Sunday, September 18, 2011

Journal Jar Re-entry

What say we visit the Journal Jar again?  Oh Boy!  So exciting!

Describe your cooking skills and your favorite thing to cook.

Oooo.  Okay.

I love to grill.  We don't do it very often anymore because we don't really have a good grill.  Just the one we used at tailgates mostly, and we just don't break it out.  It awaits our gumption in the back yard.

I love barbequed steak.  I love barbequed chicken.  I love grilled corn on the cob.  I love grilled tomatoes.

But I also love to stir fry.  Stir fried vegetables rock.

Truth be told, though, I don't cook anymore.  My wife does.  Not because I can't but because she's better.  She can put a meal together like nobody's business.  I can do some of this and a little of that but I don't rock like she does at the total package.  So I stay out of the way most of the time and let her create the miracle goods.  And she does.

I used to like making soup or stew.  Split pea with ham, or veggie beef stew.  Chili.  Lentil soup with linguicia and spaghetti noodles, like my grandmother made.

So I'm a good cook, but I just am living in the shadow of my wonderful wife.  She would probably prefer that I cook, but she's better at it than I am.

It used to be fun, grilling with a beer in hand, charring meat and savoring the sizzle.  But we go out to eat mostly now.  Way too much.  Maybe that will change.

One of my special recipes, culled from my 3rd grade cook book, is Waikiki Meatballs.  Fun to make, cuz you get to squish the meat mixture between your fingers to blend your meatballs.  A real crowd pleaser, and kids have fun making them.

Another specialty is my stuffed artichokes, made in the pressure cooker.  Delectable.  Great with BBQ chicken.

Why am I getting hungry?  I just ate.  Salami and Boursin cheese with french bread.  Yummy.  Washed down with a beer.  But I love to talk food.  Our families do too.

Another use for the pressure cooker-- burritos.  Pressure cook some stew meat for about a half an hour, add spices and refried beans and you've got the base for some killer burritos.  Slice and dice tomatoes, onions, olives, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa-- that's a big ass yum goin on.

So.  I can cook.  I can cook well.  But my wife cooks best.  Final answer.

Our Thanksgiving dinners are out of this world.


Gerri said...

So, a new barbie could be in order, hugh? Dad doesn't grill any more either, and I really miss it! Reading your blog made me hungry for bbq chicken...

I think I would add some macaroni salad (with shrimp) and baked beans to go with it. (Lots of carbs!!!)

Well, I better go start dinner...

Deb said...

Mmmmm...grilled anything is good. I am lucky that George loves to grill. He'll even stand in the rain to do it. We usually go for a healthier fair than macaroni salad and baked beans though. Food is what brings people together-- any culture, religion, etc. Gotta love it!

Deb said...

Oh, and it would help if I used the right kind of "fare". Duh.