Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eggs, Embryos, and Ethics

In my third blog entry I took a stab at short fiction.  Inspired by actual events, however.  My wife actually hard-boiled some eggs and put them in the fridge and they ended up frozen.  Such things inspire creative (or warped) minds...

There's more to be said about stem cell research.  I think there's a lot more that can be done and should be.  We need to find ways to use resources for the greater good, and frozen embryos, mostly forgotten until some goofball thought of a political angle, are a resource for research that could bring a lot less suffering into the world.  This does not threaten unborn life, as most of the embryos expire in the freezer, waiting to be unfrozen and used for some purpose.  There's no reason to waste them waiting for more parents to step forward and claim them to make children of their own (sort of) because doing that ends up wasting the embryos anyway (not enough folks are stepping forward and signing up to be parents of these would be children, if they are successfully implanted in an appropriate mom's uterus and brought to term, a long haul in and of itself).  Since the genetic material is extra, having been "surrendered" by parents opting out of further doctor intervention, and isn't sought after for another purpose, and since the research could lead to the relief of a lot of suffering for those with spinal cord injuries, for example, 

And anyway, why is it okay to bioengineer and experiment with the DNA of seeds, affecting our food supply, but not okay to do stem cell research?  Aren't both practices messing with "God's Plan" so to speak?

Your thoughts are welcome.  More from me later.

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