Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sing a Simple Song

I'm at "Shut Up and Blog" again at Panera Bread in Sunnyvale.  So I'm shutting up and, well, you know.

Had an interesting evening last night, listening to a playlist from NPR that was supposedly 50 artists that had influenced Kurt Cobain.  Suzy and I sipped wine coolers and listened to the mix.  It was fun. 

I also talked to my sister a bit.  She was doing well, no headache knock on wood.  She told me about how her youngest son, Michael (named after a favorite uncle) had taken quickly to the coronet that she used to play when she was in grade school.  Seems he's interested in band too, just like his older brothers.  David, the oldest, is enjoying pep band and has started learning the guitar.  Evidently he learned the riff from "Ironman" already.  On the acoustic guitar.  As it should be.

So the evening had a musical vein running through it.  It felt like college again for me, because that was the general era of the music from the NPR piece.  So I think I will sing the rest of this blog entry.  No yodeling.

Ahem.  Me me me meeee.  Okay, I'm ready.

Getting back to that era was especially fun because we are about to embark on a trip to Madison, WI for a wedding with a lot of my old friends from college.  We'll be there over the weekend and get to see some folks and hang out, do the things you do nowadays when you reaquaint and reminisce.  I always find my Grinnell friends to be invigorating, rejuvenating.  They lift me up.  Like a good song.

What are you singing now?

Yeah, what songs inspire you?  I really like Pride--In the Name of Love by U2, as I list what first comes to mind.  Another personal fave is "Change" by Blind Melon.  Music has such power.  I love it.

Now I'll stop singing and spend the next hour listening to YouTube clips...


Suzy said...

I am now singing Sing, Sing a song. You said to sing a simple one and that came to mind. Thanks, love. If you are lucky it will disappear from my head before our journey tomorrow. If not - I will sing it to you.

Deb said...

I have the stupid riff from "Ironman" in my head, now that you mentioned it. Only I am singing David's favorite words, "I am the ice cream man-- running over fat kids with my van." You, too, can have that stuck in your head now. You are very welcome.

(t)om said...

Speaking of college days, I'm on an R.E.M. kick. Guess it's related to the news of the day. Fave song? "Me in Honey"