Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The War That Drove Me Crazy

For my fourth blog entry, I got political.  At least, I attempted to.  I took the urging of the Obama campaign at the time and wrote a letter to the editor.  I wasn't published (what else is new) and I didn't garner many responses even from my family and friends.  But I think it was an interesting (if a bit too ambitious) foray into the politics of the War on Terror.  The very war that would help to drive me crazy.  Crazy enough to be hospitalized (again).

Those were tough times.  But then, times are tough.  All over.  Jobs still hard to find, economy trudging along, mired in mud, as is politics.  I still have hope for Obama, although I'm wondering why more and more.  I think Lewis Black has it right: that neither of the two main parties are the answer, be it the Republicans or the Democrats.  They're both too tied up in corporate money to be able to answer to the needs of the American people.  There is great change needed, on that most people agree.  But we're too scared to change it all in a grand sweep, without engaging in the whole electoral campaign extravaganza that itself wastes a ton of resources and limits our options to choosing between two evils.  God forbid we try and establish a 3rd party.

But anyway.  Why listen to me-- I'm nuts.

But then, aren't we all just a little bit crazy? 

I think there's more crazy out there than we tend to admit.  We joke about it, but deep down, we know it's true.  We're all bat-f-ing crazy.  And there ain't no normal.  Normal is just an illusion.  Much like reality.

Now I sound crazy.  Another day, another straitjacket.

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