Sunday, April 8, 2012

Roll Away the Stone

It's Easter.  Time for bunnies laying colored eggs with chocolate centers.  Time for resurrection.  Time for family to gather and eat and argue.

I don't know.  Whatever.  Traditions don't always make sense.  Really, rarely do they make sense.  Why the hiding of eggs?  Why the this and the that?  Why?  Why? Why?

Why can't my dog sit still since we got him back from the vet?  He got groomed, and now he is trotting all over the house, from place to place, dragging his butt on the carpet, trying to settle into a place, but can't seem to get comfortable.  Did they shoot him up with caffeine?

Today is my last official day of unemployment.  I start the new job tomorrow in Mountain View at 2:45.  I have some mixed emotions about going back to work.  I know it's what I need to be doing, but I lament the loss of "free time" to follow my muse and do the things that are of interest to me when I'm inspired to do so.  I'm trading time for money, and at a bargain rate (for my employer.  I am worth a lot more than they'll be paying.) 

I'm forcing myself to write right now.  I know there are things that I have to say, but I'm balking at doing it.  The voice is loudly silent.  Sometimes it's the inaction that speaks.  The omitted word, or the silence, that says the most profound thing.

On that note, I leave you to ponder your own silence.  Happy Easter.


Suzy said...

I suppose if I am to ponder my own silence then perhaps I should not be responding. Oh well - I am sorry you are losing your free time and have to go back to work. I hope you will be able to find that journey to your liking and will be ok with it. I am happy that you are now in a place where you can return to work. You have come a long way on this journey and I am proud of you. I also hope we helped the dog.

Deb said...

Sometimes silence is a blessing, and often times we don't appreciate it as much as we should. On the other hand, "noise" (especially voices) is also important. Part of the journey in life is to find the balance. Hope you find some new joy in the noise of the work field. Love you.