Friday, April 27, 2012

I am Wan; Hear Me Roar

Most of my friends have heard me joke about how I'm 60% woman.

I say this primarily because I'm sensitive.  I don't identify with the macho, tough guy persona.  I cry fairly easily.  I'm emotional. 

I joked for a while in college that I was actually growing a clitoris.  That there was an itchy nub of skin in my nether region was probably something I shouldn't have shared with the general public. 

But this week, my friends, all that humor came back to haunt me.

Last Tuesday, I had my first mammogram.

All those times I joked about women getting their boobs rolled up in the car door window?  Yep.  They rolled mine up in there, too.  Even though I don't have much to roll up.  Didn't matter.  I guess I'm lucky I've put on some weight so they had at least something to work with.

No alarms or worries-- it was just to rule things out.  I do indeed have a benign cyst in my left breast that is causing me some discomfort.  But no cancer, as far as we can tell.  Dodged that bullet.

So go ahead and call me girlfriend.  I deserve it.

And I might be up for some hormone therapy soon.


Deb said...

You have all the great qualities of a woman. You are compassionate, caring, unafraid to show your emotions, and a great listener. I'm glad you got your lump checked. It is always better to be safe.

mary kolb gilbert said...

Thankful you are ok ... I've had more than my share of cysts, biopsies,lumpectomies... thankfully, they've all been benign... I'm "one of the lucky ones" who gets a mammogram & visit with my surgeon every 6 months ... Stay well, Mikey!!!