Friday, January 27, 2012

My State of the Union

The state of my union shall be addressed in this entry.

There is the issue of the Journal Jar.  It is openly admitted that the goal of completion was not met by the end of last year.  So a new goal has been set of completion by the end of next month.  You can follow along right here on this blog as I complete the Journal Jar entries.  So stay tuned.

Moving forward, I will actually plan on looking backward into my archives.  I have several journals that I've written in and completely filled all pages, mostly with my scribbled penmanship, but some drawings/sketches/doodles are included as well.  I will be venturing into these journals to elicit nuggets of wisdom from my past.  Some of these journals haven't been opened in almost 20 years.  Should be interesting, so stay tuned, again.

Next issue: health.  I am in need of exercise and better eating habits.  To that extent, I am making some changes, led by my energetic and positively influential wife, to include daily exercise and monitor what goes in when I eat.  Slowly but surely, change will manifest.  I had a dream about attending my high school reunion, and I was much healthier feeling and looking in it.  I plan on making the dream a reality.  I look forward to reaquainting with my Weight Watcher ways, and with my WW buddies.

I suppose I must also talk about employment.  I spoke this morning with Momentum, an organization that will help me find work.  They help folks like me with diagnoses like bipolar and schizophrenia to find jobs that work for all parties involved.  I have an appointment where I will be on stand-by, ready in case somebody cancels, on February 7th.  Otherwise I have an appointment on March 20th.  I hope to be employed doing something sooner than March.  But we'll just have to see what the market does for me.

On other fronts... I am fully anticipating correspondence from PERS very soon, though I don't have an indication of really when I should hear from them.  I am nonetheless hopeful to hear, today even, about the retirement possibilities we've investigated.  My mom thinks that they will be accommodating me, since they have gone so long without saying no already.  I hope she is correct.

Relay season is kicking off, and we should have a great (and busy) year again this year.  New wrinkles in that we have a new location.  We'll be at Cupertino High School, as DeAnza is renovating their track and field.  So things will be different, such that we won't be allowed to camp on the track/football field.  So the track and encampment areas will be separate.  This provides challenges, but we're working on being creative about how to make the party happen.  Team sponsored activity laps are one way to get everybody out there in the same place, doing things together.

And I am soon to start attending a new group that focuses on writing through mental illness, or writing for therapy.  Haven't attended yet, but it meets on Mondays and I am excited to see where it will take me and I have hopes that it will guide me in writing my book about my Greece manic episode experiences.  So I can develop even further than I have here already, with blog entries like Greased Mania and Greece: Theatre of the Mind, not to mention Greece: Blessing Ceremony and Greece: BBQ Bliss.

So if I can just keep finding ways to keep the debtors from suffocating us, I think things are going to be just fine.  But I'll keep you posted.


Deb said...

Sounds like you have some good plans laid out before you. Good luck, and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Love you lots!

Gerri said...

Things are looking up, or so it seems. I am there for you, rooting all the way. You have some good things going there...just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Ditto what Deb said!!