Friday, January 27, 2012

More Random Thoughts About Greece

Not sure if I’ve written about this already—Back in Greece, when we were in the port of Pithagoria or whatever—the place where we stayed at the hotel that was built into the hill, and there were levels, and the pool was near the beach level—where I went manic, or at least started to, for the first time such that I needed to be treated/hospitalized...  Anyway, we would go into “town” to shop and go to bars/restaurants there.  We walked along the pier and there were numerous restaurants and shops along the water’s edge.  Up the street a bit there was a shop that we went into and looked around at various goods that were being offered.  I don’t recall what we bought there, but I talked with someone who I believe was the business owner, and he wrote on my shopping bag in Greek.  I would like to get it translated.  Seems to me that his name was John, and that he had been a winemaker but his occupation had changed as the tourism of the town had become the better business opportunity.  He gave me the impression that he was a sort of artist.  I remember thinking that American Commercialism had influenced his life, and led him down the path that he did.  I sensed that he had been like a farmer or artisan, or some such “undeveloped” craftsman until capitalism had found its way to his town, his island.  I got the feeling that he wasn’t complaining, but that it had been a difficult transition.  At least, I was left with a yearning feeling for a time and place that had been lost.
Would really appreciate if somebody could translate all of this for me.  I think it's Greek, but then it's all Greek to me. (Har har.)

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