Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking Into Prison

Attitude isn't everything, as you may have heard.  It's an awful lot of things, but there are still a few things, after you do the accounting.

Exceptions to every rule...

Indeed.  But a change in perspective can seem like it changes everything.  Maybe that's because everything is not a static idea.  Remember, everything changes.

Everything is something that is organic, is constantly being redefined in our minds.  From moment to moment, we learn new things that become part of our ever expanding universe.

Is everything a fact?  No, it is not static and unchanging.  Although sometimes everything seems to be figured out and set in stone.  Everything can feel like a fact sometimes.

Should we talk about anything and everything?  I could converse about the universe and theories that contain it, try to explain it in non-changing rigid labels.  But the universe is organic, too.  It's dynamic.  It's moving, evolving.  Infinite.

So.  To infinity and beyond, to borrow another line.  As long as I live, I change.  The paradigm shifts.  It is and yet it isn't.  Paradox exists now and again.

Feel free to share what you think of anything and everything.

I like pickles.  Dill more than bread and butter ones.

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