Sunday, February 26, 2012

Take Me Out to the Food

The journal jar is almost done.  Here is the 2nd to last prompt.

Where do you like to go to eat out?  What do you order?

I like to go out to a lot of different places.  I go out to eat a lot.  We'll often walk to dinner, we have so many good choices within walking distance for us.  There's a steak house, several Mexican places, and even a Thai restaurant.  We also happen to have the first drive-thru Indian restaurant in North America (!) right here on the corner, about a block away.  So we have a lot of options.

I've been meeting my friend for lunch about once a week for the last several years now.  We used to work together, and we'd meet for lunch at least once a week while we were working out in the same area of town.  She's retired now, but we still meet, usually on Mondays, and have lunch.  We almost always go out to eat.  We like to frequent Mexican places, as well as pizza parlors and sandwich shops.  But we'll try other stuff too.

When Suzy and I go out, we like to find places that serve wine and beer.  Suzy likes chardonnay; I like a finely crafted micro-brewed beer (usually a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale draught).  To that end, we like Andy's Barbeque because they have the wine and beer we like, they're within walking distance, and they have really good garlic bread.  Thaibodia has Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap and the food is first rate tasty. 

What I usually order when I go out is always up in the air.  I love so many kinds of food.  When tasting Thai, I like the yellow curry, or other curries with the coconut milk.  Yum.  I LOVE pizza.  Usually my favorite pizza is sausage, mushroom, and olive.  I also like a good calzone-- last week my friend and I went to Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi's in Mountain View and I got a sausage calzone-- had to take half of it home with me (made for a really good breakfast!)

Man, I'm just all over the place today--  here we go talking about food again!

I love a good steak, and Andy's does a good job.  Their ribeye is good.  I also like their pork chops and their brisket.  But mostly we like to go and drink, sit in the bar, and have interesting conversations with the people that go there.  We've met quite a number of characters there.

I love a good burrito, too.  One of my favorites is Freedom Burrito.  Also good is Mondo Burrito.  I've had many a burrito from each of these places, and it has always been a good experience.

Man oh man, I could go on for days like this, except that I'm getting hungry and I can't concentrate when I get hungry.  Gotta EAT!   (Besides, I just got a phone call, so my rhythm is off.  That's okay, blogs are meant to be short, right?)

Now, what will I eat?  Oh, man... decisions, decisions...

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