Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making a Fresh Difference

Just something to talk about.  That's all we need.  And it brings enlightenment.

Finding your way-- that is the ultimate.  Knowing what it is that you need to do.  Knowing that what you want to do matters.  This is the stuff of legend.

I fixed a faucet today-- outdoor hose bib that had been leaking, and wouldn't turn off all the way for several months.  I had stopped the leak by adding an auxiliary shut off to the faucet, so that I could shut it off at the added shut off.  But today I turned off the water supply at the house and set to work at solving the primary issue.  And I succeeded.  New faucet, turns off at tap.  Yeehaw.

In the process, I also tried to replace a leaking sprinkler valve.  Wasn't successful in this endeavor, because I didn't have any viable PVC cement.  Need to go shopping before we can remedy this problem.  So I started a shopping list and deferred the completion of the task.  Hope to get to the store tomorrow.  Today?  I'm just too busy to go shopping.

I've since closed up the plumbing shop and started working on my computer.  I made connections through facebook to meet with an old friend from grade school next week-- someone I don't think I've seen since about the 5th grade.  Amazing that I could even make a connection with him, let alone meet up with him again in the present.  Looking forward to that.

Tonight we have a get together at our friends' house for a casino night/fundraiser for a guy that had a bit of a hardship-- he was hit by a car and doesn't have medical insurance.  The person who hit him didn't have insurance either, so he is in a fix and needs some help.  So to the rescue comes our friend Jan who is hosting this casino night to raise funds for the treatment of the guy and his medical bills and such.  So we'll be going over there for the festivities this evening.  Meanwhile, my wife has already been at work at the Special Olympics fundraiser, the Polar Plunge, where she waded into the cold bay water along with several other crazy folks and raised money for the Special Olympics.  She will be home soon to finish preparation of her "hasty hots" appetizers and then we will be on our way to the casino night for more generous fundraising.

The house across the street is getting some updates-- construction sounds are being emitted as we speak.  They are apparently getting a new bathroom added on to the back bedroom of the house.  A tiny but functional addition, indeed.  We hope to do something similar soon with our homestead.

So.  The neighborhood continues to change... the house that has been for sale for several months now has finally got a sale pending sign-- good news for the family that moved out, I would think.  Would be nice to get a new family in there and hopefully get to know them and prosper...  We'll have to see what happens.

Much cooler today, but still kinda spring-like.  Inspiring to get out and put some plants in the ground.  I think I will be planting a bunch of vines soon-- grapes, blueberries, raspberries and the like.  And maybe asparagus and other stuff as well.  Looking forward to planting a wide variety of goodies.  Transforming our homestead into a well spring of produce.  Such is the hope.

We really do have a lot of land to use in this gardening endeavor.  Should be interesting how we decide to accommodate it all.  Little by little, we will make the difference that we hope to make.

Can't wait to have blueberries at our disposal.  Maybe we'll even plant bananas, I don't know.

Dream big, and bring forth the greater reality.

Onward, my friends.


Deb said...

Let me know if you need some help eating all of your vine treasures. It's good you are not afraid to take on projects around the house-- you save money that way. Good luck!

Gerri said...

They have artichokes at that nursery in Ripon...saw it in the paper! I will go there next week and perhaps bring you a couple of plants when I come over at the begining of March.

Hurray for Spring! (I know it is not official yet, but it sure feels right)