Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Recommendations For Movies Worth Seeing

Been watchin' movies.  First recommendation is Waste Land, a documentary about an artist who collaborates with several trash "pickers" at a Rio De Jenaro landfill.  Interesting survey of the role of art, the definition of art, and lots of other things, including self-esteem and value.  I really liked it.  Shows how art can transform lives, worlds, perspectives.  Very well done.

Second recommendation is for Alice Neel, another documentary, about another artist and her struggle to paint and live.  This one is posthumous, but includes much archive footage of the artist, including some Tonight Show with Johnny Carson moments.  Ms. Neel's work is distinctive and impressive.  She painted portraits at a time when portraiture was deemed to be out of vogue with the art world.  She captures distinct character from her subjects.  I really enjoyed this one as well.

I saw a third movie today, Sirens.  It was also about art, but of a different way (not a documentary, for one).  I has seen it before, but a while ago.  And actually, I think I only rented it to fast forward to the nude scenes (I was much younger then... and who didn't want to see Elle Macpherson naked, anyway?)  I must say that I think I enjoyed the movie much more when I actually watched it (with my wife, by the way) than when I "used" it for self-indulgence, so to speak.  Still, I enjoyed the documentaries better.

Overall, three movies to see, especially if you like art. 

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