Monday, November 14, 2011

Suzy's Surprise Birthday Party

Do you remember a special birthday party you've had, given or attended?

Why yes, of course.  I've attended more than I've had.  This means of course that I'm a very popular and well liked person.  Or something like that.

I attended a surprise party for my wife that I had a lot to do with.  Did most of the planning and all of the last minute lying to try and keep the secret alive.  We went to Dave and Buster's where I had reserved a party room.  I thought we could kill time and watch the Giants game, but I was already panicked because of all the events that had led us to be there early.  It was not a typical day.

I had left work early in a rush to make sure I got home before Suzy did-- I couldn't remember if I'd left some stuff out for her to find or not.  And she had been laid off that day--  and sent home-- completely flubbing plans.  So I consoled her when she got home and frantically thought about what we could do to get back on track.  We ended up going to see a movie-- Bruce Allmighty-- and during that time I took a phone call from my mom about how things were progressing.  I lied and told Suzy that my sister had gone into labor and that that's why my mom had called.  I even pretended that the call was breaking up and moved away from Suzy to try and get some privacy under the guise of trying to get a better signal.  Sheesh!

In the end, we arrived a few minutes too early and saw Suzy's parents coming in to the restaurant/party room.  So she knew something was up.  And that's when she saw the marquee with her name on it.  It was still surprising, even if we didn't all get to yell "Surprise!" at the same time.  And it was a bit of a fun party, even with the dour news of the day.  I think she had a good time.  I arranged for us to stay at a hotel there that night so we could pamper ourselves and not have to drink and drive.


Suzy said...

I did have a good time and you were able to pull it off until I saw Mom and Dad. It was a lovely night. Now what are you going to do for my 50th?

Gerri said...

That was a good party...hard to top, but I bet you can do it!