Monday, May 24, 2010

Is This Thing On?

I don't know if I can be funny when I try to be funny. Funny happens on its own. It's more funny when it comes out to visit instead of being dragged by the hair or roped up and hauled into the open.

Funny is simple. One of my favorite movies, comedically speaking, of all-time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of my favorite scenes (and there are several) is when the searching Sir Arthur and his gaggle of coconut clapping hop-alongs happen upon a sorcerer. The sorcerer takes command of their attention by displaying his prowess with pyrotechnics. After a dazzling display of explosions and fireworks, striking fear into even the boldest of heart, King Arthur and his men are duly impressed, and are moved to applaud the sorcerer's valor, grit, and exploit.

Those familiar with the story of King Arthur know about Merlin. Surely, this must be our introduction to him in this movie? It is then that King Arthur asks the sorcerer what they should call him-- "What is your name?" After a couple more blasts go off from the pointing of his finger, and echo about the canyon, the sorcerer relents.

"Some call me..." and here, the pause is exquisite.


Of course. Tim the wizard.

That's funny.

But my own funny. Where does it sit? Where does it originate? And how can I make it want to visit?

A lot of comedy is timing. It's different in writing, in song, in stand-up. So I gotta get the timing right. It's about time. *cue rimshot*

Speaking of time-- the timer's going off. Time to do some other chores. Will have to continue this again later.

Another time.

Until then.


Deb said...

I have always considered you one of the funniest and most fun people I know. Okay, maybe not when I was so mad at you I threw your shoe threw the wall, but almost always. Your funny comes from experiences and life. Fortunately, we (collectively) live in a very funny world, and we (personally) live in a very funny family. Some of the greatest memories I have revolve around the laughter created out of being together. So keep looking if you wish, but I know where your "funny" comes from. It's in your soul. Love you.

Tracey M. said...

I love the very first paragraph!! You are dead on - funny is spontaneous, in the moment, from out of the blue. You can't force it. Some people have this quite naturally, and you are certainly one of those truly blessed people. I, on the other hand, am merely funny looking, rather than funny-funny!!! Oh well, at least something about me is funny!! What I do know for certain is funny can't be "made up"; it's gotta be real, it's gotta be personal, it's gotta be fact, not fiction. You know what they say: the truth is always stranger than fiction!!

BES27519 said...

Funny is something that just comes naturally to you... I don't think it needs to "visit" because it "lives" there already...