Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny You Should Mention

The last thing I want to do is roll out the barrels and knock knock jokes. I just wanna have fun. Because I'm a girl? No! Guys wanna have fun, too. No, really. And not in a dirty way.

There's something like paint in the totality of the ceiling. I think there's even a verb in every sentence. And yet, it's funny; Funny ain't there. This isn't funny.

There's a light... There's a way to do this. I haven't figured it out yet. I am just trying to keep the typos down and get a point across. But doing it this way starts to make my wrists hurt.

So. Relax. You can't force the funny. Let the funny come to you. Or let the funny come. It will. It always does. Banana. (In case of emergency, drop in a fruity reference).

Where do we go from here? Guava. It's fun to say: Guava. You're starting to smile! Kumquat.

It's working! Give my creation LIFE!!!

Now there's the funny. Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks. Gene Wilder. There are some quality laughs in those fruity references. Peter Boyle. Madeleine Kahn. Marty Feldman. Terri Garr. Gene Hackman, for crying out loud. Classic comedy, to be enjoyed again and again.

Funny that I'm not sure I spelled their names correctly. Funny that I should care. Funny that I make an effort to care about such minute details again and again.

Comedy is hard. Funny happens.

I want to write. I write for the funny. I enjoy the funny. I love the funny.

Funny is serious business.

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