Monday, March 12, 2012

The Start of Mania, part 3

I missed my medication Saturday night, and forgot to take my Sun. night pills on time.  I'm back on track, having taken my pills with an early breakfast this early morning, but that might have a little to do with the whole not sleeping thing.  I've got to stay on track with the meds.  The calibration is crucial. 

Just as important as the meds though, is sleep.  I'll have to catch a nap sometime today.  Three hours is not enough fuel in the tank to go a whole day, after being up the whole of the early morning hours, mind running, humming along at a pace, like the cruise control is set at about 70 miles per hour, just humming along on the interstate...  Multi tasking, organizing, facebooking, blogging... all of these things, I'm doing when I really should be resting.  Seems that my sister is up early this morning too.  If we lived closer together, we could meet for an early coffee or biscuit or something.  Perhaps a scone.

It's not any one thing that causes the mania.  It's a bunch of things.  A body needs rest; so does the mind.  Sometimes I dream so vividly in the daytime even, visualizing in great detail.  But that is not mania.  This is not mania.  I know that, and I'm comfortable with it.  I am confident that I'm still calmly in control.  I can get some sleep later today.  For now, I'm allowing the vibrant energy that's coursing through my brain to manifest.  It's what needs to be done.

Must be hyper vigilant when I'm feeling good, and I think I'm doing the work.  And I've got a lot of important support from family and friends-- they're looking out for me, too.  So I'm blessed in that regard.


Suzy said...

Here's to staying vigilant and getting back on track :)

Gerri said...

I feel so blessed to have Suzy in our lives. She is so good at watching over you and helping to keep you on track. I love you both!!

Get some rest...