Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Polarity Exponent

Okay, so I just recently learned that there is actually a condition known as "tripolar." It's when a person has both bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Yikes. And oops.

I in no way wanted to spoof an actual condition when I chose the name for my blog. I thought I was making something up, being clever. Y'know, I'm bipolar, but I wanna overcome it, be something even better than it. One up it. Try polarity. All dat.

So now I'm kinda torn. I've been building an identity. I'm linked in a couple different places, to other blogs with a lot more traffic than mine. Y'know, I'm on their blog roll. And that's cool.

So I don't wanna change the name. But what of the potential confusion? What if someone who is troubled by tripolar disorder stumbles on my blog while looking for helpful information?

Ready the rimshot.

No, really. What if? Could I be clogging up progress for tripolar disorder sufferers?

Well, it's not my intention to do so. That is for sure. But that isn't enough to solve the problem.

Is it?

I need input. All y'all out there, please weigh in on this one. Even if you've never commented on my blog before. Now's the time to come off the sidelines. Get involved.

Should I change or should I go? (With what I got...) And if I should change-- what should I change to?

I don't even have any alternative ideas right now. Maybe that's best. That way I don't entice or sway opinions. Just think if I were to come up with a super amazing catchy blog name.

Well, I guess that all this would be moot. Because quality is job one. Trumps consumption.

Um, I think that lacks something-- oh yeah, first part, copyright; second part... in need of a sequitur or something...

Oh-- and please don't sue me or anything. Would be a waste of your time anyway. The bank owns my house, I'm drowning in debt, and there's just no there there.

But weigh in with your suggestions.


Crystal said...

I say just leave it. If someone stumbles across your blog while searching for info on tripolarity or tripolarness or tripolarocity, I think it will be clear that this isn't that kind of site. And it's also clear that you're not being rude to or about people who are tripolar.
Side note: Tripolar? Who knew?! I worked in a Psychiatry office for a year and a half and never heard of it before reading it on your blog just now.

Deb said...

I vote for leaving it the same, as Crystal does. The upside is that if someone does come to your site looking for information, you might make a new friend. As long as you tell them you in no way are a doctor, nor do you play one on TV.