Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Replenishment of Soul

My oh my, what a greatness.

Tonight, as my sister (or as I call her, "seestor") takes in The Police at the Oakland Coliseum, a concert that I wanted to see some 20 years ago... but my parents wouldn't let me... and I'm not bitter in the least... um, what was my point? Oh yeah-- I'm attempting yet again to establish myself as a regular contributor to this endeavor of "writing," inspired by a multitude of things, not the least of which was my 15 year college reunion. Man, woman, and child of any gender. That was spectacular. Not like a Jerry Bruckheimer film, but a resonant, penetrating, rejeuvenating sort of spiritual renewal. A molting of sorts. I shed my sour skin of rigidity, wheel-spinning frustration, and bureaucratic entanglement. Lament no more. I returned to the womb, in a sense, and drank from the source that sustains life; the source which inspires, energizes, and heals; the source of focus.

It was a very good beer.

That last line is most effective if sung in the style of Frank Sinatra, parroting his "It Was A Very Good Year."

But I digress. Which I do quite often. Get used to it.

I returned to Grinnell, Iowa, recently; a place where I had spent 5 years of my life trying to figure out who I am, where I had come from, where I was going, and why in the Hell of Hells I had chosen to spend any time there, especially in the perspective-crystalizing sub-zero temperatures of winter.

And I was reminded about community. I saw people I hadn't seen since I left in May of 1992. and it was almost as if we had just been away for the weekend. Conversation flowed freely, effortlessly, as if we'd kept in touch all along. It's cliche, sure, but true. I was so relaxed, and yet I was "recharging my batteries" the entire time.

I saw some people I hadn't seen since I left Grinnell, and I was intrigued and inspired by what they had accomplished since we last spoke. What a tremendous group of citizens!

I was left with inspiration, motivation, renewal. I immediately missed my cadre of friends as I drove back towards the Des Moines airport, wishing that we could meet much more regularly. But prevailing was the sense of renewal of purpose and faith. Of limitless possibility and attainable success.

And most important, I rediscovered my ability to not only dream, but to believe that dreams can come true.

I love this.

We'll talk more later.

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